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Roof Doctors was founded in 1987 by the Wilfley Brothers - Chris and Adam.   The business has always been built on the foundation of honesty and integrity.   Our business structure and business procedures have always evolved over time to keep up with the growth of our company.  We currently provide roofing contractor services; free roof inspections; free roof reports; free roof repair estimates; affordable roof repairs; roof certification leak warranty; Seamless Gutters sales and installation; Gutterglove Gutterguard sales and installation; and pigeon & bird abatement in Northern California.   

Roof Doctors is one of the most reliable, widely-used, and experienced roofing companies that can be found in Northern California.  Roof Doctors has been a licensed roofing contractor for over 25 years.  Our office staff is friendly and helpful and our field workers are professional, qualified and experienced.

The best way to find out about our company is by ordering a free roof inspection and free roof report at no cost or obligation. There is no obligation to Roof Doctors until roof repairs are ordered or until a Roof Certification Leak Warranty has been issued.  The alternative to our free roof inspection is to pay up to $100 or more for a roof inspection that most other roofing companies will charge.  If you have already paid for a roof inspection from another roofing company and are concerned about the findings and recommendations in their inspection report, then please contact us for a second opinion, since our roof inspections and roof reports are always free in the areas that we provide service.

                                  The Roof Doctors' Team


ROOF DOCTORS is the only major Roofing Contractor in Northern California that specializes exclusively in roof inspection, roof repairs, seamless gutters, GutterGlove gutter guard, bird proofing, solving roof leak problems, issuing roof certification, and extending the life of the roof.  Most Roofing Contractors will focus on roof replacement which can tie up their work schedules and  resources for weeks in advance.  This can make it difficult for roof-replacement companies to assist homeowners in stopping roof leaks and unreliable to assist in real estate transactions that require immediate Roofing Contractor services.

No other Roofing Contractor in Northern California inspects more roofs, solves more roof leak problems, repairs more roofs, or issues roof certification on more homes than ROOF DOCTORS.  Each one of our highly-trained roof inspectors inspects hundreds of roofs every month making them some of the most knowledgeable and experienced roof inspectors in the roofing industry.  Roof repair, gutter installation, GutterGlove installation, and bird proofing on your home are professionally performed by our license-quality repairmen who must exceed our rigorous roof-repair-quality standards before they are allowed to work on the roof of your home.  ROOF DOCTORS never uses any untrained, inexperienced, or unsupervised laborers, nor any apprentice or journeyman roofers to work on the roof of your home which is the common practice among other roofing companies.

ROOF DOCTORS never collects payment until a homeowner has been completely satisfied with our services.  All of our jobs are conveniently invoiced upon completion of any roof repairs, gutter installation, GutterGlove installation, bird proofing, or upon the issuance of our "No-Dollar Limitation Roof Certification Leak Warranty".  We are licensed, bonded & insured for your protection. 


The internet has become a means for certain roofing companies to try to portray themselves to be something that they are not.  They do this by claiming to be the roofing leader, or by simply adding up the number of years that they have had a roofing contractor license as an indicator of their roofing experience, or by fabricating fake testimonials about their business from customers who may or may not have existed to try to create a false impression about their roofing experience that they don't really have.  In reality, few people know who these companies are, they perform very few roof inspections, and they perform even fewer actual roof repairs. In reality, most roofing companies are relying on the inspection fee, that they charge each homeowner, as their primary source of income because they are doing very few actual roof repairs.  Experience as a roofing contractor isn't given to someone by virtue of their deceptive marketing practices, roofing experience is earned through many years of hard work in providing customer service, promptness, and professionalism; by the volumes of roof inspections, roof replacements, roof repairs, and roof certifications that they have done and are currently doing; and most importantly, by the thousands or tens of thousands of satisfied customers that they have served over time.

Roof Doctors inspects more roofs in Northern California, on a quarterly basis, then some other roofing companies will repair in all of their years of being in business. Because Roof Doctors has the opportunity to routinely inspect and repair such a large volume of roofs every day, problem solving comes much easier for Roof Doctors because they have  seen the same roof problems many times before.  Some other roofing companies, due to their low volume of roof inspections and roof repairs, will be unable to diagnose a roof problem correctly, will require a costly roof repair, will require a roof repair not needed, will not repair a roof properly, or will simply require an expensive re-roof to try to eliminate any roof problems entirely.  Roof Doctors has a video library, that you can view, of roof problems that are used to train and provide professional education throughout our company.  You can see a portion of our roof problem videos that are available on our website. 

Therefore, the proper question that should be asked of any roofing contractor isn't how many years have they been in the roofing business or how many roofing job titles have they held in the past, but rather how many roof inspections, re-roofs, or roof repairs are they currently performing routinely each and every week and each and every month.  


Over the past 25 years, Roof Doctors has developed a business model and a formula for success to allow itself to handle the ebbs and flows of the roofing business and to handle the volumes of roof inspections, roof repairs, gutter installation, GutterGuard installation, bird proofing, and roof certifications that we do each and every day, even during the windy and rainy season.  

With the Roof Doctors formula, we can provide free roof inspections and free roof reports, free roof repair estimates, seamless gutter estimates, Gutterglove Gutterguard, and bird proofing estimates within 24 to 48 hours.  Roof Reports and Roof Repair Estimates are usually issued on the same day of the inspection.  Our repairs are performed only by license-quality repairmen, and not by minimum-wage journeymen, who claim to be experts, but in reality have little or no roofing experience. 

During any roof inspection, our objective is to determine the current overall condition of the roof, any roof problems that will need immediate corrective action, any current roof condition that will lead to a future problem if not corrected, and to determine what repairs may be necessary to make the roof certifiable from leaks with our Roof Certification Leak Warranty.  Roof Doctors is convinced that once you have used our services, we will become your roofing contractor for life and that you will proudly refer to  us as a company that can be relied upon to solve roof problems and to facilitate real estate transactions.